Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Our Schooling Resource List

I added a page "Our Schooling Resource List" to the top. Please know that this list is what I will be using to meet public school requirements. There is so much more that I hope to be including into our mix to get the best out of life and these resources that fits the kid's learning styles. We love Projects! It would take me all year to write everything down how we vision our homeschooling year. I also didn't include any links, but I am confident that if you copy and paste the titles into your search bar you will find it. I will definitely link to the resource in the blog post when they first appear as reference. Since this blog is so much more than just about curriculum I didn't want to waste time with just the 5 percent of it.


 We already started our first Arrow and Boomerang subscriptions. Ken is reading Number the Stars by Lois Lowry and DJ is reading Frindle by Andrew Clements. Nia is reading Popular: A Vintage Guide for the Modern Geek by Maya Van Wagenen. We are officially starting back to "schooling" after Labor Day. I have some obligations that will be keeping me busy in the day, like work :)  a new schedule and it makes no sense to start back while I am figuring out how our schedule will actually be this Fall. Will we school in the morning? Or will we school at night?  We are flexible for sure! DJ and I actually read a chapter of Frindle at 10:00 tonight. It was just natural as it was when I use to read him bedtime stories. Which reminds me that I should be still doing this more often, because that is exactly why he likes to read. Another thing is we all have been falling asleep to classical music, who would of thought? Us? Naw :)  So we shall see where our music lessons will come from.

No lesson planning just material making that I will share if I think it is meaningful or fun. I think I will share my planner though, I am real excited about that. Lesson planning is hard to do when you follow the child, you can't just pencil it in . You have to be ready in observation mode and say "I gotcha this time, I knew where your going with this! ".


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