Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Freewrite

On Fridays we make sure we incorporate Freewrite into our day. For reading and writing we have pretty much dumped all other language arts programs, in favor of Brave Writer. We have always read a book daily together and using this philosophy just makes sense for us. This time around I read individually with each of the kids instead of all of us reading the same books. They love to read and write, this program feels so natural. Some day we will bust out our Sentence Analysis work, but really First Language Lessons did a great job of teaching sentence diagramming. We left off of First Language Lessons more than halfway through, we will pick it back up again when their need for worksheets arises again.

This was their writing prompt today. Can I say I have some kids full of imagination? DJ wrote a story about "If You Give a Rat a..... " and Ken wrote about how candy is marketed to kids based on "holidays", and  how Gummy Rats make for a good treat in someone's trick or treat bag.

Keep them Writing!

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