Friday, October 24, 2014

Note Taking and A Coloring Book

A few books have been getting a lot of attention from DJ and Ken.

Ken absolutely loves the writing style and pictures that are inside the Student Atlas. Kennede decided that she would like to learn about note taking and uses this book everyday to practice that skill.



 Ken loves to change colors while she is note taking. What I like most is how she is attracted to note taking, it wasn't any where in my lesson plans to teach this skill. I love following the child!                                                                               
DJ has been enjoyng his new coloring book. This book takes learning about zoology to another level. Although it is written for a college audience he is understanding quite well. Let's just say the student has surpassed the teacher in this subject area :)

He loves his highlighters, I just think this was such an awesome idea of how he incorporated that into his work.

All is well!

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