Saturday, August 9, 2014

At the Festival

We went to the Great Lakes Folk Festival and I felt like like today was a school day. The Festival was so rich in culture and just amazing. 


 We got a lesson in using chopsticks and tasted some different snacks.

 I didn't get the name of this board game that is played in Tanzania. It is very similar to Chess the golden rule is No Touch, No Regrets. We played a lot of rounds of this and it was fun!

We learned how to write our names in Russia. This activity certainly made Nia's day even better.

Walking around was an activity in itself. Lots of good music too. The kids were talking turns video recording African Dances and discussions about African Traditions. 

At first Nia, Kennede and DJ were torn between my suggestion, which was Young Eagles Aviation Day where kids ages 8-17 received a pilot lesson and would get to fly one on one in a helicopter. I am so happy they stuck to their guns on this one. Festivals= Fun for all.

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