Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Electronics Organization

I really need to get organized! We have slowly been doing school mostly just reading, writing and math has been getting done.  We have been doing a lot of nature walks too. This year Kennede will be studying Biology while DJ is studying...yep Zoology, but our group science work is all about Electronics. Tomorrow we are going to the park to hopefully recruit some children to attend some classes for the non profit organization. We will be sharing some of our electronic tools. I am very pleased with how everything is so organized and how easy it will be to travel with and be housed on the shelves.


Lots of things can be created using these different materials creatively. We have a lot more to go along with this, but keeping the tidbits organized will help them stay organized!  Well we shall see :)


Tinkering with circuits is just too much fun! They have been inventing so much goodness lately.

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