Friday, August 8, 2014

Corn Snake

My previous post was on Garter Snakes, but it's gone too late into August to find Garter Snakes so I decided to get a Corn Snake! So I'm going to be posting a care video soon when I get my Corn Snake. My first snake escaped and so did the second one. This time I have a locking lid and paper towel to monitor it to see if there's any signs of sickness.

This is not my Corn snake in the picture below. I just wanted you guys to see a example of what a Corn Snake looks like. The Corn Snake is the best beginner snake you can get and the snake is often misunderstood as being slimy-actually their not slimy at all their really quite dry.

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  1. We just pet a corn snake at our local zoo last week! I thought it would be slimy, but to my surprise it was really dry and smooth to touch. Hope you have a great time with your new snake!