Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How to Schedule Project Time

Many have asked me in real life or through emails "How do we schedule in our projects?". It just kinda evolved into when they saw me working on my projects they started working on theirs.

 Here are a few of my past projects....

Designing a logo

                                                    Creating a business card.

Hanging up flyers around town.

They know that I am not bothered by them asking any questions while I am working on a project. Often times while I am working on something I ask them their opinion and vice versa.

My latest project is conquering the Arduino! I have falling in love with the world of coding, and plan to teach them more about coding as well.               

I guess my best way of answering this question is just to model project work- just like you would if you were teaching them how to read. They see you reading so they read!                                

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