Saturday, September 20, 2014

Organizing Lessons and Work Plans

In the moment of needing not to be tied down to a computer for finding all of the lessons in various folders I elected to print the lessons as we learn bi weekly, for some lessons/activities they may be stretched out to even a three week span. My organization needs to be portable and accessible at all times. We have had a lot of distractions that prevented schooling just because our homeschool wasn't portable enough. Now I have managed to organize for the mishaps. We can school anywhere, at anytime, or day.
I love the cover! I just looked for the link to the Free template, I can't find it. I apologize for not being able to link to it. I believe I found it through a Pinterest Search. It is the perfect look I was going for. Thank you so much to the person who chose to share their hard work, I really do appreciate it. I added Washi Tape around the border and ta da I was motivated.

The three ring calendar I found at Target in the stationary aisle. I use the calendar to record when I present Montessori lessons.

A look at the academic subjects that have lessons planned.

 I will use Math planned for DJ as an example of how all of the other subjects are organized.

I print out all of the lessons. Most likely we would have internet accessible, but we also have been without electricity due to an Ice Storm. The libraries were packed, and it would of been better if we were able to do school for the sake of keeping the rhythm, but if all the plugs and the computers are being used your chance of doing school is slim to none when all of the lessons are on the computer. Now I know to print lessons as I plan them and then we could even school at the park. The activity that I printed above can be found here. When we actually do this activity I will share the why behind I am reintroducing DJ to the Checkerboard.
I don't do daily lesson plans, instead I just go through and record the lessons in a sequential order, and Montessori Lessons are entered here based on my observation of Kennede and DJ. The plan above is for DJ, and you can see that he has enjoyed his Fraction Story Problem book for all of his math. I am certain the Checkerboard will be well received. I just haven't had the work available yet. I write all the dates next to the lesson only when the work was completed. I love notebook paper! I don't have to scrunch my handwriting into boxes, when I have a lot to write. Doing our plans like this prevents this Mama from feeling like we didn't do what we were suppose to do that day, it also allows me to give more freedom of work choice and it keeps me from always having a hidden agenda.

Nice little pocket folder that keeps our Latin CD's just in case we are doing school at a study space, like the Library of Michigan. Yes we look for inspiration all around us. We have become really resourceful homeschoolers. I also keep a wall world map in the folder. 

The pencil pouch does fit in the binder. It contains sharpies, post its, calculator, glue sticks, pens, pencils. scissors, etc. It is all mine, I do not share :) LOL. I am in love with how convenient it is to have everything I need no matter where we do school. This binder stays on my desk when not beside me during our work period. It is a Grab and Go system that all I have to do is hold our morning meeting, where we discuss our work plans and if need it be we can put "school "in a backpack and still have fun. The kids binder is set up similar to mine with resources for lessons, and notebook paper galore.

Their work plans are working out lovely. During our morning meeting we discuss what works will be done, and why they may be of importance to get that done. The photo is a page from Ken's Work Plan Journal. Super easy for them to implement! They will eventually be a little more detailed by the week as the school year progresses.

So all of this helps me to create their Portfolio  for the year- more on that as it develops.


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