Saturday, September 6, 2014

Volunteer Time!

The kids have been volunteering their time by helping with Brain Builders Inc., the non profit organization that I helped to organize. The last week of August we offered activities during a Kindergarten Camp at a local school and I must say that their enthusiasm and talents went far beyond my expectations of them. We shared our love of hands on fun with over 50 kindergartners, that rotated in groups of six to the different stations that were set up.


 After fooling around with circuits and making lots of play doh, Ken felt confident enough to give a lesson. She did an impressive job!

                                                         Squishy Circuits in Action!

Kennede was glowing with excitement as each kindergartner's light came up while be guided by her. Yep, she knows how circuits work, no testing required :)

 DJ was the guide at the Vinegar and Baking Soda Works table. I bet you guys already know that he rocked it out, especially if you are a reader of our past homeschool blog We Don't Need No Education.

In fact he did so well that he was offered a position as a third grade teacher assistant. Way to go Donovan!!


Nia and my nephew Christopher guided the Make Your Own Geoboard table. It was a success, their natural encouraging voices made it possible. After they made their reflections they said that it was kinda difficult for them to complete, but when they said "you can do it" the kindergartners got the job done. Both of them agree that the kindergartners liked it, and they should have more practice in the classroom improving their fine motor skills. They did well as a team and their smiles wear sported the whole time.


We all agree that we did a great job preparing the Tin Can Robot Making activity. The other activities were sewing and marshmallow tower building with toothpicks and spaghetti noodles. Fun Stuff!!

We will be starting back our regular "school routine" next week. It does make this mama feel good that the kids are volunteering. learning how to present lessons and doing a fantastic job at it. We really do love to learn!!
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  1. I love it! What a great way to reinforce what you already know, and see how you can be a blessing to someone else! :)

  2. Awesome! Tell the kids I said congrats! They did such a great job. I'm so impressed with you all!

  3. What a super perfect volunteer activity!

    1. We did have a lot of fun! Thank you for stopping by Heidi