Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Reuniting With My Creative Self

It is happening again. What is happening again you say? There are two reasons that have always kept me from wanting to continue to blog, but I digress! The first one was doing reviews. I can't seem to enjoy anything once I have to do them. I still have one review that I have given my word to do. I absolutely, positively think that you guys would love this book. I have learned so much from reading it and the kids have learned a lot too. The problem is this review was due months ago, so now I have added pressure unto myself and right when I am about to hit the publish button I say "Naw I can do better than that", and then the saga continues.

The other thing is I really don't want this blog to be a "show off" blog. I don't want you guys to come here and see what new fancy schmancy whatchamacallit we have in our homeschool. There I said it! What I want is that when you leave this space you feel better than you did before you came. That. Is. It.


For a long time my creative juices just weren't flowing as I like them to be. Tonight I think I figured out the culprit, I have found Pinterest to be guilty of sucking all of the creative energy out of me. Yes! I have found a lot of inspiration from a lot of creative boards, which has caused some dependency and loss of creativity. I have decided that I will not recreate another project from Pinterest unless I have created a work of my own to share. If I do a project on Pinterest, I must follow up by doing a creative endeavor on my own and then eventually I am back to my creative self again. Did I ever share how much I love a challenge? :) I want to use everything I got everyday! I can't afford to lose anything to not using it at all. Does that make sense? I sure hope so.

How has your days been? Mine has been mostly smiles, full of grace, and kids talking about Halloween costumes. 


  1. I just discovered your blogs and I just wanted to say that I'm completely blown away! I'll be up all night reading it. Thank you for inspiring myself and my kids as we are new to homeschooling. -Jess

  2. THank you so much Jess! Your comment just made my day. It makes me so happy to read this. Happy Homeschooling!!