Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ken's Activity of the Day

Today I have a migraine, it has shut me down for the most of the day. I want to keep doing daily blog posts so that I can become comfortable here as I was before I took a very long blogging break. Although these pictures are from ages ago, it still is a good representation of how Ken spent most of her time today.

She loves these fashion plates! I highly recommend them as a gift for the young fashion designers in your life. 

The fashion plates keep her busy creating and it often ends up with her at the sewing machine. 

I am glad that when Ken is given the opportunity to plan out her day she shoots for the moon!  I love homeschooling these kiddos!


  1. My sympathies on your migraine! I love Ken's drawings - I've not seen those fashion plates before. Our kids are so creative when we leave them to it, aren't they?

    1. Thank you! The migraine is gone (fingers crossed :) So true, leave them be and they create!