Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday's Travels~November 4,2014

We started out our work period with Mapping the World by Heart. The link will take you to the overview of this curriculum just in case you wanted to know more about this program. We are in Unit 1 which is the "Appetizer" section. Today they were introduced to Topographic Maps. If your child or student knows the Parts of the Mountain that background knowledge would really help with this lesson, Topographic Maps are usually introduced in grades 6-8.

We looked at various Topographic Maps on the computer, it would of been really nice to have maps right in front of us to examine. I couldn't find any without having to print them off of the internet and even those didn't print out well enough to read and understand clearly, so the computer it was.  We also talked about what is sea level, other types of landforms, elevation, and also reviewed what a slope was.

They learned how to make contour lines using a mountain they made out of clay.

Layer by layer they traced around the clay using the floss to cut between the sections with the same thickness.

We started with the sea level at 0 and every contour line after that would represent 100 ft above sea level.

We also hit the nature trails today.

And then more landform talk started up.

I don't know if I like Sundays more than Tuesdays now. Blessed!

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  1. This is very cool! I really like the topographical map activity.

  2. I love the map you made, what a great way to show a topographic map!