Thursday, November 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday~ November 6, 2014

We read together chapters 8 and 9 in Volume I of the History of US series. The chapters discussed the languages that different Indian Tribes spoke and went into detail about the Plain Indians. Our reading took us 45 minutes today, because I also lead with discussion using some of the questions that are included in the Teacher's Guide. 

After we were done reading the kids started working on their final Intro Lessons to Reading Like a Historian. They are writing short autobiographies, well not a short one for Ken this girl loved this assignment.


The assignment is usually done in two parts, but since we dedicated 3 hours to history today they completed the second part which was interviewing someone that could hopefully corroborate what they remembered about their own life history. DJ interviewed me and Ken interviewed my mother since we were doing school at her house this morning.


To jog their memories a bit I shared with them the Celebration of Life outline that is available for free here. My mother and I had to agree that when time passes you can forget unless you have a daily journal of some kind, actually Ken had to correct me on a few things and she was able to go to our old homeschool blog, We Don't Need No Education to prove me wrong :) This activity was fun and went well over the three hours we had planned, and I am not complaining one bit about it. They will polish their work up, by putting the factual information into a story format. I think after today they have a clear understanding on what types of credible sources to consider depending on the history question being asked, and that corroboration must take place to even consider validation of a source. One thing is for sure these two kiddos are absolutely amazed by their lives, and they should be!

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