Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday Word Play: November 12, 2014

Today we decided to our "schooling" at the library. We have found that doing school at the library is an awesome way to combat those distractions that come our way, Yes! There are distractions at home, especially the phone constantly ringing and me trying to multitask when really all my attention should be on the kiddos during school time.

We started out by reading chapters out of their books that go along with the Boomerang and Arrow issues from our Brave Writer Curriculum. Ken also did copy work, that focused on the misuse of commas and more on when to use hyphenation. DJ's focus was on ellipses and metaphors.


Our Word Play game of the week is Scrabble. It was really neat how they were setting up their boards in hopes to be able to get those points, then finding out that they would have to change up their plan again as soon as the last person finished laying out their tiles. I had to remind them of the rules often, which made this game even more of a reason and great pick to make sure we have some hands on fun with our language arts lessons.                                                                         

So DJ's  reading book is Frindle by Andrew Clements. In the book a fifth grader by the name of Nicholas invents a word. The word is Frindle which Nicholas states means a pen. His teacher doesn't accept Frindle as a word and then Nicholas gets huge support for his invention. I'll stop right there before I tell you the whole story, because it is a good book in my opinion and I think you just might want to read it yourself :) DJ thought that "legsoar" was an acceptable word (actually he knew he was reaching, and I know what we are reading in Frindle), which led us to decide on which dictionary we would use to verify if it was a word or not.

Nope! "legsoar" isn't a word, and it wasn't even in the dictionary. As soon as we pulled out the dictionary, this game became seriously fun!

And No Ken! "Dat" is not acceptable either in the Oxford Dictionary, however in the Urban Dictionary it is. We already said we were using the Oxford Dictionary. Rules, you got have them! 

However "Date" and "Fane" are words in the Oxford Dictionary. Great work, Ken! 

It was just awesome to read in Ken's Work Plan journal where she wrote that she learned a new word today! More Scrabble is in order :)


  1. Hi Tearri, thanks for this post. I am always in the mist of deciding how to include a little bit of learning before going to the kids' swimming lesson. You just provided my answer! We will use the library! The library is only 5 minutes away from the pool, and we cannot make a huge mess there so minimal clean up makes it for a fast exit. And like you said, without the distractions from home (phone, laundry, dishes...etc) we might be able to get more done! The books will be there, and a ready for us table is waiting calling our names!
    Also, I got your comment on my books, send me your at and will mail them to you on Monday. I have been trying to reach you without any luck.

    1. I am glad that this post was helpful! We look forward to school work library days. I just sent you an email. Thank you! Those books you created are awesome!!