Monday, November 3, 2014

Mindful Math Monday ~ A Nod to the Life of Fred

Holy cow! Today we spent three hours at the doctors office. Everyone is fine! This was exhausting, but we still needed to do some math, so we turned to our trusty math friend FRED.

What I like most about our weekly rhythm so far is that it allows some freedom to happen. Free from feeling overwhelmed about the things we didn't get to. We knew even though we shared frustrations about our length of time at the doctors that all we had to do to redeem ourselves was do some math. It got done! 

Now I am off to order DJ the next book in the elementary series Ice Cream, because he only has a few more chapters to go in Honey. Fractions is not all about Fractions, well if you know my friend Fred then you know what I am talking about. Ken got some geometry thrown at her today and now she can explain very easily how to find the diameter of a radius.

Thank you Fred for being my math friend ! <3

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